Frequently Asked Questions

What is “air ambulance”?

Air ambulance refers to aircraft that have been converted into flying intensive care units for air medical transport. Air Ambulance refers to both Rotor Wing (Helicopters) and Fixed Wing (Airplanes). Fixed Wing Air Ambulances are used to transport patients from one facility to another when distance, time, or weather are factors.

What is involved in a typical air ambulance transport?

Once we determine inter-facility patient transport is necessary, the sending and receiving facilities are notified and must approve the appropriate transport vehicle: ground, helicopter or fixed wing. The patient’s physical and psychological conditions are assessed and a care plan is developed. During transport, continuous assessment and appropriate medical care is provided to keep the patient stable and comfortable. Upon arrival, the air medical crew accompanies the patient to the destination facility and provides the receiving medical providers with a full patient report. The transport team then notifies the patient’s family and the referring facility of their safe arrival at the destination facility.

Can family members/loved ones accompany the patient?

In many cases a family member or friend may travel with the patient at no additional cost. Each request is assessed individually, taking into account medical recommendations and flight safety. Upon request, a larger aircraft can be scheduled to accommodate a larger party. Our staff will help you make the best choice for your situation.

What is a “bedside-to-bedside transfer”?

This complete transfer process includes a ground (transport between the medical facilities, and each airport) and air transport (the air ambulance flight itself). Our staff manages every phase of the patient’s transfer – this can include but isn’t limited to ambulances, private cars, railway connections, meeting ships in port, and commercial flight connections.

When is a fixed-wing air ambulance used instead of a helicopter air ambulance?

Fixed wing air medical transport are generally used for longer emergency transports (over 200 miles) for patients who require emergency care. A fixed-wing air ambulance may also be used in inclement weather conditions in which a helicopter couldn’t fly.

How do I arrange air ambulance transport?

1. Call us at 855-922-7522.
2. Our team will respond quickly and provide flight options.
3. We then will plan and schedule all details for the trip.
4. The patient is flown and arrives at their destination.

When does Arkansas Air Ambulance go “off duty?”

Never. We plan, book and fly 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. We are on-call, all the time. Our toll-free number is your hotline to qualified ground personnel around the clock.

Our Mission

Arkansas Air Ambulance is committed to safely transporting our patients and customers while providing the highest quality medical care.  Our goal is to provide the best customized and cost-effective fixed wing air ambulance transport possible.